is not a country, it is an emotion… to leave all year around!

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Sardinia is an Italian island located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, unknown as rich and evocative land, where it is still possible to listen echoes from all the Mediterranean people who had inhabit it over the centuries.

It is considered as an unreachable tropical island, with its untouched wild beaches which make it a heavenly place and desirable.
Veritaly Travel inbound tour operator, was founded with the desire to make Sardinia accessible for everyone who want to deepen their knowledge.
Veritaly Travel wants to make Sardinia easy to visit and understand, even its soul deeper, the most unknown and hard to discover without the experienced guide help.
Veritaly Travel is your perfect specialist for Sardinia destination, because we know it, Sardinia is not just sand and sea, but also rocks and wind, history and traditions, tastes and smells that pervade all the days of the year, making it a open place in every circumstances.
With Veritaly Travel you will discover that Sardinia is wonderful, but from its coasts do not see enough ..



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Trust in our experience. Thanks to our partnership with professional guides, we will help you to discover our land, satisfying your curiosity, showing that Sardinia is not limited to a strip of sand and sea ..