Destination Sardinia

Музей под открытым небом
Open-air museum

Sardinia is one of the most ancient European lands, inhabited since Neolithic Age (6 000 BC). Numerous traces of human presence of the Calcolithic Age (2 500 BC) – so called “domus de ianas” or “witches’ houses” – are collective burial places in the rocks, among which the most popular is Montessu necropolis in the Sulcis area.

Почти целый континент
Almost an entire continent …

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its square equals to 24.090, its extension from North to South is 270 km, from East to West is 145 km. The population is 1 630 000 inhabitants, the capital of the autonomous region of Sardinia is Cagliari.

Традиции и праздники Сардинии
Events, religious rituals and festivals

Beyond its beautiful beaches and its crystal clear sea, Sardinia has a beauty handed down for centuries, it is its immense cultural heritage, built on the basis of so many foreign domination during centuries, where the overlapping of the habits of everyday life up on pagan and Christian habits, created all the sacred and liturgical rites used till nowadays. Very important was the Spanish domination, which lasted 400 years and that more than anything else, has characterized the tradition of fairs and festivals profane or its religious processions, till now celebrated

Традиционные блюда и рецепты
Traditional dishes in Sardinia

Food in Sardinia is a rich mix of flavours from the typical cuisine of the Mediterranean. Represents all the diversity of an island with a rich hinterland, with typical dishes of the sea, tasty wines and spirits, bread, pasta and desserts, savoury cheeses and sausages typical of the traditional rural life. Sardinia represents, from this point of view, the peculiarity of the Italian territory, so tied to its typical products to the point that the meal time is considered an essential ritual, a moment of conviviality which gathers around the table the whole family.

Ремесла и сувениры
Top 5 souvenirs to bring from Sardinia!

Articles made of cork oak bark

Sardinia is the second, after Portugal, cork oak bark articles’ producer in Europe. Many artists and craftsmen use this easy-to-work-with material for making creative works of art and souvenirs. Boxes, plates, ash trays – one can find whatever cork articles in souvenir boutiques in Sardinia! Please make sure you take away with you a bottle of the local liqueur “Mirto” in a cork case – it’s nice and still handy!