About us

Destination Management Company and Tour Operator in Italy


Veritaly Travel is a tour operator specialized in inbound tourism for Sardinia Destination, a young and promising company that operates in and for Sardinia, composed by professionals with long experience in hospitality and tourism services, as well as deep knowledge of the area and its wide range of tourist accommodation.

We provide of consultancy services, brokerage, booking and organization of journey for customers interested in approaching the island and eager to deepen its part more unknown, always counting on competitive rates, high quality services and suppliers and in unique products tailor-made.

Through Veritaly Travel will be easy to know our beautiful cultural and natural heritage, thanks to our logistic dedicated support, different kind of accommodation, high quality restaurants and agriturismo; we will be able to advise and book for you of the best offer which match well with your needs. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the area, its services and capabilities, we will offer our support by creating an ad hoc offer with the best solutions and apply the most convenient and competitive rates for your market.

Why choose us... our strengths

Our strength is the network, created over many years of work, a catalogue of ground services, logistics, hotel accommodation always at the top of the offer, products that exceed the standards quality we always apply in choosing the product to offer. We are specialized in interacting with this field and we know its dynamics, sometimes difficult to understand to foreign operator as well as for tourists; we know how to advise for the best choice as possible for every request, giving assistance throughout the process of booking and travel arrangements for our customers.

Relying on our company, you can count on who in Sardinia is born and lived, who knows how to find the best way of cooperation, with the smallest or the most well known supplier, dealing with professionalism and experience an always having a look to the quality of the services.

Our contact centre is always available for assistance calls 24/7, thanks to our multi language staff and able to handle any emergency or request, promptly.