Top 5 best excursions you can't miss in Sardinia!

Крепость - Нураге   в г. Барумини

Barumini and the Sardinian Nuragic mystery

Barumini is the most famous archaeological site in Sardinia, which represents the ruins of the biggest village of Nuragic people so far known, dating back to 1.500 BC.

The mysterious civilization of Nuragic people prospered from 1.500 until 500 BC and was peculiar to Sardinia. The characteristic remains of their conically shaped buildings are still to be found all over the island. The site of Su Nuraxi probably used to be an economical and military centre during the Nuragic period. This complex is one of the best preserved remains of early Sardinian megalithic civilisation. Su Nuraxi has been the first site of the Island to be included in the UNESCO's list of the most important monuments in the world. 

Сердце Сардинии - магическая Барбаджа

Barbagia area and the most authentic side of Sardinia

Acrossing the rock montains of Supramonte, our trip begins looking for the the heart of Sardinia, and its side the most authentic. We will reach Orgosolo, a little town well-known for its painted walls, called “Murales” showing the social statements. You will find large and creative painted walls all over the town. Orgosolo's mural tradition started around the late 1960's or early 1970's when student protest was beginning to question decades of social oppression and injustice. The painting turned to scenes of everyday Sardinian village life.

Another little village unmissible in our trip is Oliena, settled among the olives and vineyards, famous for a genuine cuisine and red wine as “Cannonau and Nepente”, but also for handmade embroideries. The slow life of Oliena will involve you looking for a special “breath” of peace and silence. Oliena is really the authentic side of sardinian people, where women still wear their traditionals costumes.

We will have a stop for a typical lunch with local shepherds who will offer their best products as fresh and hard cheese, we will across another incredible village called Dorgali, overlooking the Gulf of Orosei and famous for the Caves of Bue Marino. Dorgali still preserves an important archeological area with the from the Nuragic people, called Tiscali. All the region is also known for its wine and craftwork in filigree and leatherwork, original handcrafts .

Пещеры Су Мармори. Ремесла и вина Ольястры

National Park of the Orosei Gulf

You can’t leave the island without first doing a cruise along the Golfo di Orosei, to explore bays and beaches otherwise inaccessible in the protected natural area included in the Gennargentu National Park.

With a full day boat excursion, in a comfortable motor ship is possible to admire amazing landscapes, cristal water and fine sandy beaches. The Cala Luna beach, amazing place almost like paradise, chosen by famous film makers where to shoot their movies. The famouse Bue Marino caves and Cala Mariolu bay are other two fixed stops in our unmissable cruise.

Visit at Grotta del Fico

With a specific half day boat excursion to the Gulf of Orosei it is possible to visit the inside of a cave excavated by an ancient underground river. The cave was kept closed until a few years ago because it was regarded as the last refuge of the monk seal. The excursion goes along the beautiful cliffs of the bay, admiring the stunning changes in the colour of the water and the harshness of the cliffs inhabited by numerous species of birds and exploring wild and remote corners.

Знакомство с Кальяри

Classic Cagliari city tour

Visit Cagliari old town, the Sardinia's capital at least since Roman times and still its biggest town.

Cagliari is a nice typical Mediterranean town near a wide and sandy beach, where the habitants love to have their promenade all year around, have a coffe or spend their nights with fun.

You'll enjoy the hilly labyrinth of the sandy-coloured medieval Castello district, the taverns and restaurants around the Marina district and the shopping area in little artesans shops and designers.

In this part of ancient town we have a number of important monuments to don’t miss: the medieval fortifications and the towers, Torre di San Pancrazio (1307) and Torre dell’Elefante (1305); the S. Maria's Cathedral of the XXIII century; the Royal Palace; the very interesting Archaeological National Museum, with a large collection of remains Punic and Roman and especially a wide number of Nuragic bronzetti, the peculiar small bronze sculpture made by the ancient inhabitants of Sardinia. The Roman Amphitheatre, built in II century A.D. The top restaurants with fresh seafood menù will be recommended from our experienced guides

Коста Смеральда Discovering Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda and its Dolce Vita style

The famous Costa Smeralda represents the most successful product of tourism market in Sardinia
The enchanting coastline with its granite rocks shaped by the wind, was discovered by the Prince Karim Aga Khan during the 60s and turned it in the most important centre of high fashion holiday destination.
Porto Cervo is the most important tourist centre of the Costa Smeralda and in its harbour Porto Cervo Marina is possible to admire the most luxury yachts. Along the famous “Piazzetta” numerous boutiques of important international designers and stylists. Free time for shopping, relaxing and enjoying an ice-cream, our experienced guides will advise you in choosing the best boutiques and restaurants in the area.